Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ribby Cardi Knitalong:

Ribby Cardi Knitalong: Yarn Dreams (aka Decisions, Decisions!)

Hello everyone!

I'm Tacha and I have recently moved to Berlin, Germany. I'm also a new knitter and could not resist the Ribby Cardi knitalong.

I am absolutely loving the Peruvian Highland yarn.

My colours are:


How do you upload photos to the blog?

Anyhoo - I started swatching and think I am going to have to go up a half size in needles.

What style is everybody making? I have decided to go for the ribbed back.

take care and happy knitting!


Blogger strangelittlemama said...

Hey Tacha,
Just copy the image location of the photos (from your blog or wherever else, directly from elann is probably okay), by right-clicking and opening in a new window. That wil give you the URL of the image, then just include it in the html tag in your post for images, ie < img src="....." >. You probably already know html, since your blog is so nice & pretty, but just in case! I don't know of any other way, as I host all my pictures on my own site, but maybe there's some cool Blogger feature I'm unaware of? If so, someone pls. enlighten me! ;)

7:31 AM


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