Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hi ladies!

Thought I'd take the opportunity to finally check in! I'm incredibly excited because this is my first knitalong and first sweater. I figured if I was going to do a sweater, this would be a great way to do it...with the help of other knitters. I recently received my yarn from and have just started working the back section. I'm using Summer Fuschia for the body, and Boysenberry for the sleeves and trim.

I still can't decide on the plain or ribbed version, and I'll have to make a decision soon. Have any of you decided to go with the ribbed version? Do you have photos I can see? Can't wait to get to know everyone better and see all the different cardis!



Blogger Cece said...

I think I picked the exact same colors as you... but I can't see the picture.

This is my second knit-a-long... and the last one really helped me finish a sweater vest for my husband that I bet otherwise I would have never done!

We'll have fun!

12:24 PM

Blogger Roxanne said...

Pretty colour choices Meredith!! Do your needles feel too short for how many stitches you're knitting? I switched to circulars even for back-and-forth knitting because they give you more room and you won't feel like your stitches can easily slip off. Just an looks great so far! I'm going to do the entirely ribbed version...because I'm a big fan of the ribbing...LOL

1:01 PM

Blogger Tatjana said...

This is my first knitalong too :-) I've made sweaters before, but that was years ago, and I haven't made a cardi before!

4:11 PM

Blogger My Still Life said...

cece -- you have very good taste in color combinations. ;)

roxanne -- I totally would have loved to use circs for this, but I don't have the correct size and don't have a LYS that sells a brand I like, so I didn't want to order online and pay shipping for just the needles, so I'm making do with the straights. It's alright, just a little crowded. :)

6:47 AM

Blogger My Still Life said...

purlsofeden -- nice to have you with us! Glad you've got some sweater experience, and a cardi should be fun! We'll see when it comes to installing the zipper, though...I'm a little nervous about that...

6:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm doing mine in ribbing, I'll post the photo.

12:24 PM


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