Thursday, December 23, 2004

Length Dilemma

I'm about an inch away from the decreases on the back and I am having a bit of a length issue. From the posts of those who have finished, I am convinced I should probably lengthen the body by a couple of inches and I'm not sure which way I should do it--here are my options:

1. just continue knitting for a couple more inches before beginning the decreases.
2. pick up stitches along the bottom and knit a few inches in the accent color, creating a dark band all the way around the bottom of the sweater

I think the darker color band along the bottom could look quite nice (I'm doing the all ribbed version) but I'd like some other thoughts on this. I'd hate to finish it and then think the band looked funny...



Blogger Cece said...

I'm just planning on knitting an inch more before the decreases. That's worked well for me in the past.

9:12 AM

Blogger Roxanne said...

I like the idea of a dark band around the will add an accent at the bottom and the top. And if you pick up & knit, you can always take it out if you don't like it too....fairly easily. I say, go for it! I'm all for the different versions of cardis and creativity and I like the one you propose.

10:43 AM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

I'd be aware, though, that if you pick up and knit at the bottom of the sweater, that the stitches will be upside down - the opposite way from the rest of it. This could, of course, look very cool - but I've never done it, so I don't know. Plus there will be a slight seam on the wrong side where you pick up and knit the new stitches... just something to think about...

1:06 PM


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