Friday, December 17, 2004

A Little Ribbing Done...

I don't seem to be too fast because my little bit of ribbing took about 2 hours...of course it's the WS I'm showing...LOL The redwood is quite pretty...sort of a brownish-red colour. The softness of the "heather" seems to be showing too. Here's how it looks so far:


Blogger Leisel said...

Wow... I LOVE the redwood color! I'll have to keep that one in mind if elann ever gets another shipment of the yarn.

1:57 PM

Blogger My Still Life said...

roxanne, this is beautiful, love the color! And I'm right there with ya...ribbing takes me longer, too.

2:28 PM

Blogger Textile Tach said...

That colour looks wonderful. It should be a great looking Cardi!

9:16 AM


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