Friday, January 21, 2005

Finally, here's progress

At long last, photos of my Ribby. [well, i have them, i really do, but don't have time to read the site right now, will post later] I chose Dried Herb and Russet in's Peruvian Highland Wool, and am making the 40/41, even though I'm a 36. It's turning out perfectly. I made the sleeve about one inch longer than the pattern called for and used up two entire skeins of the Russet. This prompted a post on here and led me to's swap site where miracle of miracles...a lady from Oak Park, Illinois saw my request and sent me another skein and a half so that I'll end up having enough for the collar! Yay! Anyway, the back and a sleeve are done and I am in the middle of the left front.


Blogger strangelittlemama said...

Where are the pictures? can't wait to see!

1:07 PM


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