Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I need yarn...can anyone help?

I finished the back of my sweater (yay) and one sleeve (yay) and have started on the left front. I am using Dried Herb for the main color and Russet for the sleeves. I DESPERATELY NEED ONE BALL, ANY DYELOT, OF RUSSET. I used up 2 balls on the sleeve. I'm making the 40/41 and have long arms, but I only lengthened the arms less than one inch from what the pattern says. I talked to elann.com and they don't know when more would come in.

Anyone? Anyone?


Blogger goodkarma said...

I'm so sorry that I don't have any! Did you know that Elann has a "swap center" where you can post your needs and hope that someone will swap/sell to you?

5:56 PM


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