Friday, January 28, 2005

Mock collar sewn down, anyone?

I am making the mock collar and was wondering if anyone had made (or plans to make) theirs twice as long and then fold it in and sew it down over the zipper? I've never done this but I don't really like my seam where I picked up the collar stitches. I was thinking this way, I could not only cover up the zipper edge on the top, but also cover up the collar seam. I'm scared though! Part of me just wants to finish it and be done with it, I am anxious to wear it (probably because my house is freeeeeeezing right now!) Is this hard to do? And how do you sew the collar down, with regular thread or with yarn?


Blogger margene said...

Use yarn and carefully whip stitch in place, matching the stitches bind off edge as you go.

11:50 AM


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