Monday, January 31, 2005

Yarn amount estimates

I notice that some people making smaller sizes have run out of their sleeve or contrast yarn... Well, I'm making the largest size, bought 15 balls (pattern calls for 1550 yards, one-third for sleeves, so 15 seemed like a good number), and I'm going to have 4 full balls of yarn left over! I made the sleeves an inch longer than the pattern called for and used exactly four balls, and I've used 5 and a tiny little bit of a 6th for the fronts & back. My gauge is fine and I've blocked the front & back to measurements, andwhat's left are the front bands & collar.

Maybe the yardage estimates are a bit off on the ends?


Blogger Leisel said...

LOL... I'm doing the same size, and I bought 18 balls (just in case, because I knew I'd want to lengthen both of the sleeves and probably the body as well). I figured if I had leftovers, I could make matching socks or a handbag or something like that. Guess I'll have plenty to work with.

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