Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Almost There...

Ribby Cardi - Almost There!
Ribby Cardi - Almost There!,
originally uploaded by Roxanne2005.
Here she is...one arm left to seam, collar to add and a zipper to install. As you can see, I added a band of blue at the back...had to as when I was seaming it up the sides, I realized the front panels were slightly longer than the back panel...oops! Oh well, the blue is kinda fun. One hint: when seaming with Highland wool, don't pull too hard or the yarn will tear...happened to me a couple of times on the sleeves. Hope to have it finished and zipped up by the weekend. It looks like it's "just" going to fit too...which seems to be the norm on this cardi...it's coming out smaller for everyone.


Blogger Beverly Barton said...

Very pretty with the blue band on the back.
I counted the rows to armhole when I finished the back before starting the front-I've been burned too many times that way. The other thing to do is to pick up at the bottom edge in the same color-- no one but you would know it's there.

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