Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Froggy Tuesday! Rip-pit!

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Have you ever been knitting along and thinking, woohoo, I'm doing so good..progessing nicely and then OOPS, a stitch slips off and you can't fix it? Well, that was my experience last night and afterwards, I had to pull right back to the first few rows on sleeve #2 of my cardi. Ever had a similar experience? Tell me about may help me feel better...LOL


Blogger Leisel said...

Absolutely... at least with Ribby you CAN rip back to just where you need to.

I've been working on a slightly lacy project (the heart scarf from knitty's breast cancer issue). I had to frog it all the way to the beginning a few times. With lace stitches, I can't seem to pick them back up correctly, so it's either tink or start over. Very frustrating.

12:09 PM

Blogger LeAnne said...

Oh yeah, been there. Not with Ribby, but lately with two other projects. Some lacy border stuff that I had to start over SIX times and last night a baby sweater! A BABY SWEATER! Sheesh.

1:01 PM

Blogger Nyxxie said...

Here is a suggestion when working on lace pattern every so many rows (depends on the pattern) knit in some denal floss that will save you from ripping past that point and you can take it out when finished. Denal floss is so thin it will not mess up the gage!!

1:45 PM

Blogger goodkarma said...

dangit, knotty roxanne! What a pain! :) Sadly, we all have been there. In fact, I did frog a good portion of one of my Ribby sleeves. I think I miscounted the increases or some bonehead thing like that. So I did unravel a LOT. Happily, it's a pretty quick knit, and I am proof that the pieces can still be finished!!

3:35 PM

Blogger Monica said...

I knitted the entire back and didn't realize that I didn't have the same amount of ribbing on both sides until I was decreasing for the armholes. I had to rip back to the bottom. Ouch!

8:39 PM

Blogger amber said...

I have 2 completely finished sweaters waiting to be ripped apart :-( I feel your pain.

Hepp on knittin!


8:48 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

my current project, a sweater for my son, has finally taught me the art of fixing stitches with a crochet hook but there are definitely some that just can't be fixed that way. i had to redo part of the sleeves four times before finally getting it right!


8:53 AM


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