Wednesday, February 02, 2005

If I Had It To Do Again

I'm not quite done -- knitting the roll collar, still have to acquire & install a zipper -- but I was able to put on and wear around my sweater today. I think it was especially easy to put together because the raglan decreases meant that I was sewing together pieces of fabric that were parallel, not perpendicular.

But there are a few alterations I will make if I use this pattern again (which I expect I will because it's fast, cute, and well-constructed):

1. I find the Peruvian Highland EXTREMELY itchy to wear. Maybe it would be less noticeable over a more substantial shirt, but it's a pretty snug sweater and I will wear a light shirt underneath. Next time, I'll either use merino or a cotton blend (or maybe Cascade 220 Superwash).

2. I would make the body longer. I added an inch to the sleeves, and the body isn't indecently short, but it does kind of ride up when I sit down.

3. Maybe it's my peasant-stock arms, but I found the sleeves a bit too bulky and snug. I think I'd match the sleeves to the plain-front body, with 3 x 1 for 3-4 inches and plain stockinette afterwards.


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