Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Hi Ribby KALers.

I bought a whole load of Peruvian Highland Wool back in November with no clear project in mind. Thirteen skeins of Victorian Rose, and two each of: Oregano, Celadon, Peridot, Antique Blue, and Irish Moss. It sat in my closet for a good three months while I took a little bit of a knitting break.

But then, one day last week, I wanted to knit a sweater. And I wanted to knit one now. I had the pattern, and I dove in (well, I swatched, and then dove in). I didn't even give myself a chance to find my good US7s before I started.

So I whipped out the wool. I didn't want to make it all pink, because - well, I love green too much. But I didn't have enough of any one color to use as the contrast color. So I decided to take three of the colors and stripe them for the sleeves. I choose Antique Blue, Celadon, and Irish Moss, and threw in some Antique Rose to bring it all together. I borrowed the Fibbonacci striping sequence from this sweater, and I was off.

Sleeve number one, in its half-ends-woven-in-half-ends-hanging-out-glory. The weird curve is the combination of my bed, the sheets, and the camera - the actual sleeve is quiet symmetrical:

In less than a week, I've finished both sleeves (which is very fast for me). Well, I almost finished the second one today - I made a mistake on my commute home, and had to rip back ten rows or so - but I'll probably finish it after my class tonight.

Here's a close up of the stripes:

I'm going to add stripes into the ribbing of the body of the sweater as well (and do the stockinette panels), and do a fold-over mock turtleneck with the stripes, too. It might be incredibly overwhelming amount of stripiness, but.. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

More info on it (well, not that much more) can be found on my blog

And now I have a question!
I'm about to embark on the body of the sweater, and I can't decide how I should stripe it. Here are the options I've thought of (remember, I'm doing the version with the stockinette panels):

A. Knit the bottom ribbing (the first 4" or so) and the collar in the Fibbonacci stripes.
B. Knit a few rows of the stripes over the chest of the sweater, leaving the collar and the ribbing in plain ol' pink.
C. Some combination of these two.

Help! I'd love to be able to cast on before I head to work tomorrow...


Blogger katiedid said...

those stripes look awesome! i can't wait to see your finished product! is the whole body going to be striped too or just a few thrown in across the bust?


5:06 PM

Blogger Jessie said...

I think I am going to stripe the ribbing at the bottom of the sweater (the first 4 inches), and then stripe the collar as well. Or perhaps I should do the ribbing and the collar in the Antique Rose and add in the stripe sequence at the bust - now I can't decide!

6:19 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

i might not be much help because i think it would look great either way! i don't know about the bottom ribbing, collar, AND stripe on bust - might be a little too stripey but that would depend on how much stripe you like.


7:26 AM

Blogger Anne said...

I am a complete idiot when it comes to stripes, so I am already in awe of your terrific sleeves!

7:45 AM

Blogger Scoutj said...

Wow! Great job!

9:52 AM


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