Thursday, February 24, 2005

Left armhole/neck DECs

I posted a previous message, but here is a picture of my left armhole and neck decrease. Not sure it's correct, I wasn't paying attention to the part that said "while continuing to work armhole shaping...START neck shaping by binding off...", and it through me off that it said, "follow decrease instructions as for Back". Why can't the left fronts just have their own directions?? anyway, so I frogged 6 decs back, which was where I should have started the neck shaping DECs, but as I got to the very last sts, wasn't sure what I was doing....


Blogger Roxanne said...'s my left front picture: For the most part, yours looks the same. And the armhole shaping should just continue as you are shaping the neck.

9:47 PM

Blogger d-made said...

This is the only part of the pattern I had a really hard time understanding. It's not so bad if you recently made the back piece, but if you took a break and picked up the pattern later, it didn't make sense. I did on front correct - then when I went to do the second, I couldn't for the life of me understand what it meant. I hope the pattern can be revised just for that one paragraph you mentioned.

3:10 PM

Blogger Ricki said...

I so agree. I am doing this sweater altho my email to get added to the list must not have reached the host... but my primary problem with this pattern is all the jumping around you need to do to other sections (sometimes in reverse). It would have been a lot simpler to give the full directions to each section. Having said that - I love the sweater and plan to make more than one!

8:01 AM

Blogger kellyt said...

I agree, too, with the comments about doing a separate section for the front panels. I did both fronts a few rows too short, went back and redid them, the left one was STILL too short, had to redo it again (in the wee hours) but finally got it right. Your photo looks right, just make sure it matches up with the back (is the same length) and also with the arms. Good luck!

6:50 PM


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