Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ribby Redux

Well, after ripping out the back and the beginning of a front ages ago due to size issues, I've finally gotten back to Ribby. This weekend I finished the back, knit both of the fronts together and have started the sleeves. Whew. I have to say, I'm pretty sick of stockinette (and ribbing for that matter) and I'm not so fond of the Peruvian Highland Wool - I guess you get what you pay for. I've found it to be a little too scratchy for me, and one of the skeins had some awful knots that were somehow fused together.

All that complaining aside, I'm pretty sure I'll be pleased with the finished product. I've enjoyed seeing everyone's ribbys, finished and in progress, and I'm currently deciding what to do with the neck colors. Everyone's been so creative.

If you'd like some more info, you can visit my blog.


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