Tuesday, February 22, 2005

say it ain't so

That "while continuing.." through me off. Was I supposed to start the neck edge DECs while I was DECs on the armhole edge (after the initial 18 sts) to the total number of DECs which was 6 more? Is it too late to start DEC on the neck edge? please don't say I have to frog. I have done ALL my required armhole DECs, and have about 10 sts left, can I safely just DEC the neck edge??


Blogger kweaver said...

I was puzzled by this as well, and I haven't had to figure it out yet. you should scroll down to the bottom of this page on bonnie marie's blog to see if it helps.

12:13 AM

Blogger katiedid said...

there were alot of questions about this earlier on in the KAL too if you want to go back and search for them. just check the january and february archives and use the shortcut "CTRL F" to find "neck decreases" or just "neck".

with that said, it sounds like you're doing it correct - you do indeed end up with one stitch and yes, this is the opposite edge from the armhole.


7:23 AM

Blogger klh said...

Maybe I've ruined it. The phrase "while continuing to work the armhole shaping decreases..." through me off. So, after my initial armhole decreases, ten I get to the specific "neck shaping" instructions where it says "while continuing...", I was supposed to at that point bind off 5 sts at the Neck edge??!! And then DEC 1 at neck edge during that time I was DEc'g on the armhole edge until I reached the same number of DECs as the back, which was 24?! oh, please don't say I have to start all over .......

9:18 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

i believe that is exactly what needs to be done... but if you bound off the initial 10 stitches for the armhole, and only missed the other 5 bound off at the neck edge, then you shouldn't have to start ALL over with the decreases. just count back (up up from the armhole, whichever is easiest for you) and frog back to that point, add in the bound off stitches and then continue with the decreases on both sides. that part of it is really short but it *is* right and all seams up nicely. i had to redo mine a few times too but eventually it clicked.

good luck!


4:45 PM


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