Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Totally discouraged :(

I finally finished and seamed my entire sweater - only to find out it is too small :( I'm just sick now. It took me two months to finish this sweater and I am still struggling with the stupid zipper. The sleeves are the only thing that fit properly as I knit them 2.5" longer than specified. The sweater is too tight in the shoulders, which I'm not sure how I could have fixed, except to make the entire thing bigger. I thought I had measured everything and blocked everything out to pattern , which means it should fit...but it doesn't. And the only person I know that it would fit is my mom but since I knit the sleeves so much longer, they will be monkey sleeves on her! I've about given up on the zipper also, I have it basted in but handstitching it looks really bad on the wrong side so I tried to use my sewing machine on it and the tension on my machine is messed up.
I'm really disappointed as this is the first sweater for myself that I've actually finished. Is the trick to just make things extra big? Or be extra careful when measuring? sorry to be a KAL downer.


Blogger amber said...

I'm so sorry :-( I think I'm heading for the same issue... except the bust is where I think it's going to be too tight. So I plan to make the button band wider to accomidate.

I wish I had more to offer as a solution :-(


11:42 AM

Blogger Roxanne said...

I'm sorry too Jennifer. There's nothing more frustrating than finishing a project and it not fitting the way you want it too. I'm sure most of us can attest to it happening to us too. I know my first sweater was not quite long enough for me too.

12:01 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

aww, i'm so sorry for you. i've only made this one sweater (and am working on one for my son) and it, thankfully, worked out but i've had several hats, a pair of gloves, a tank top, and who knows what else end up in the "disasters" pile. it's a terrible feeling... like a sick joke. but i'm sure if you have the tenacity to make another will work out better for you! hopefully your mom can fold up the sleeves to have it fit her so it's not a complete loss.


1:41 PM

Blogger goodkarma said...

I'm awful sorry, too. It stinks to work so hard on something and then it doesn't work out. Sadly, I think that happens to all of us when we're starting out, and probably after lots of experience, too! Keep your chin up, don't quit knitting, and hope that your next project works out better for you. :)

2:50 PM

Blogger Anne said...

So sorry to hear it... If your Mom would be properly appreciative, then I recommend giving it away. (I did that with a sweater that turned out too small on me, and I'm happy she's enjoying it and that it's not sitting around making me feel bad!)

It might be a little scary, but maybe you could cut/unravel the sleeves and bind off at a better length for your mom? And could you enlist help (either a friend or a professional) to put in the zipper?

Just thinking that in time it will feel good to have finished a great sweater, even if it's not for you.

7:40 AM


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