Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Up close of collar

Collar Posted by Hello

Here is an upclose shot of my mock collar - I knit it twice as long, then whipstitched it down over the zipper. You can see a bit of my bad sewing job on the zipper right below my thumb. Oh well, I think it came out pretty cute anyhow!


Blogger Roxanne said...

I like your collar stripes...I was planning on that too...and I was thinking about the zipper all the way up to the top too...I think I'll do it now that I've seen yours...looks great!

12:19 PM

Blogger Karen said...

I think your zipper sewing looks fine. I am glad to see it looks so good sewing it by hand as that is what I am going to do too. NIce job!

2:59 PM

Blogger d-made said...

I think I'll do that too - tonight is the night! Also - I suggest to anyone doing this to make a PURL row at the turning point; this will make it turn nicely.

2:08 PM


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