Wednesday, March 23, 2005

2x2 Ribby in Progress

Hi, I just started working on the ribby cardi about a week ago.

I altered the pattern to make an allover 2x2 ribbed version.. has anyone else done this? I basically kept the same number of stitches, just used 2x2 ribbing instead of the combo 2x2x3x1 the pattern specifies. It looks super skinny, but apparently this is the way with ribbing. I am looking forward to blocking it out.

Here are the two fronts, working simultaneously.


more details on my blog


Blogger Sue said...

hi to all you ribby knit-a-longers..

I wonder if any of you had problems downloading the pattern after paying for it. I've paid for mine but my browser did not take me to the pattern page to download.. and I'm really sad...

8:59 AM

Blogger Diana said...

Try contacting Bonne Marie. She has a contact form on her site at:
or maybe you got a purchase confirmation email that you can repsond to??

I had a similar problem when I purchased mine, but was able to figure it out and get to the pattern (probably only because I do web development and could tell what was wrong).

Hope you get the pattern!

9:33 AM

Blogger Roxanne said...

I like 2x2 ribbing too so I think it looks great! No reason why you can't modify the pattern slightly if you so choose! The blocking will help to set the ribbing a bit so it doesn't seem so "tight". Personally, I like gives a more fitted feel without being super tight. Can't wait to see it done!

11:55 AM


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