Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Amy's got back

Well, the back of my ribby cardi, anyway. I can't believe how quickly this thing is knitting up! I finished another project late last Thursday night and as my reward did the first eight rows of the back of the R.C. Over the next two days I spent just a few hours on it while watching television and playing a game of Trivial Pursuit (the 90s edition----did you know that P. Diddy once assaulted someone with a champagne bottle?), and suddenly I was ready for the armhole decreases. Whee! This is fun. I'm going to do the front pieces and the sleeves at the same time, so hopefully this will be a completed project sooner rather than later. (Check out my blog for another cardi photo featuring my toddler and Mike the Duck).


Blogger Roxanne said...

Cute Amy! Love your colour and I see you're going all ribbed too...wheeee back to you!! :)

11:48 AM


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