Saturday, March 19, 2005

Mostly Seamless Ribby Debuts

A finished Ribby on a Spring Day

You may recall that I joined the 5 pieces (2 fronts, 2 sleeves, one back) of my Ribby at the underarms and finished her seamlessly on one long needle (See February 2005 Archive for details). Since my goal was to have all "live" stitches when I got to the collar so that I wouldn't have to pick up any stitches, I decided to try short rows rather than binding off the collar edge stitches. Here's an overall view:

Up to her neck in Ribby

And a Closeup:

Short Row Closeup

I decided to do the mock turtleneck collar, but I wanted it doubled over, so I knit about 6 inches of collar ribbing. Then I picked up the front edge stitches and knit the seed stitch border up to about 2.5 inches from the neck edge (not all the way to the top) but I wasn't happy with the way that one looked, so I ripped it out and added a four stitch I-cord border. I really like the way that works with the zipper and I'm very happy with two thicknesses of collar. This photo shows the collar and the zipper:

I'm very pleased with this sweater -- it was challenging but I think it came out well. I was very intimidated by the zipper -- shades of Home Ec disasters! -- but it finally worked out. I have to admit to trying to sew the zipper in by machine, but that looked awful, with one side mysteriously longer than the other despite meticulous pinning and basting, so I pulled out the machine stiching (at which point Ribby was nicknamed Rippy) and sewed the zipper in by hand. I did become VERY familiar with the folks at Zipperstop over the past two months, having ordered 3 zippers before I got the right one (a 17.5" #5 Molded Plastic Separating Zipper), and even then I had to shorten it about an inch to get it to fit right. (Lesson learned: wait until you're finished and THEN measure for the zipper.) I enjoyed reading everyone's posts and am a HUGE fan of Bonne Marie, both her designs and her digressions. Her blog is a daily read.

Now, on to the Rogue Hoody (sans zipper, thank you)!


Blogger amber said...

Looks awesome. I'll have to try knitting my next one in one piece as well... finishing is not my favorite part :-)


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Blogger Roxanne said...

Looks great! Nice job on the no seams too!

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