Sunday, March 06, 2005

What kind of zipper

I took a peak at, and was able to navigate the site okay, but what KIND of zipper should I get? Metal, nylon, concealed...there are sooo many

I've never done this before, sewn in a zipper in a hand-knit garment, everyone seems to be having problems with this.....


Blogger Lu said...

Well, the one I want is the YKK #10 because it is the only one that is 2-ways. But when I click "back to main" I get this:
that I think is the wrong page because close bottom zipper cannot be 2-ways.
so I go here:
and the only YKK #10 I find are
molded extra heavy, that are not the ones I want.
From this page, I think the one I want is YKK #5, so I go back to the page with the photos and I see that YKK #5 is J - I missed that before!

So, finally, I think I got it.

Now, the color .......

9:57 AM


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