Saturday, April 30, 2005

Zipperstop NOT

I was hugely disapointed in the zipper I received from zipperstop - $6.70 later it arrived, wrong color and too bulky. I didn't want to pay for any more shipping charges for a $2.00 item, I decided to go see what Joanne's had to offer. Lo and behold, they had a ton of zippers, and one that even matched my mustard body perfectly. $1.59. great. SO, I get home, and realize I had purchased a closed end zipper

SO I decided to check out the local mom and pop fabric store a half a mile away (and today in front of the store was a Harley convention!), and oh my God, they had racks and racks of separating zippers, in every color of the rainbow. I was really wishing I had my camera.

I now have a nutmeg brown 15" zipper, will be alittle short, but I will leave the bottom 3 inches of the sweater open, kind of like a permanent two-way zipper ya'll have. Ribby is soooo close to being done!


Blogger Kim said...

The 5 dollar shipping has been holding me back from zipperstop too.. I wish they'd fix that somehow.. I'm still not sure where I'll wind up gettin my zipper..

Your local zipper finds sound just great though.. makes me feel better about looking around here for my zipper.

11:44 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

your color combo is awesome! thanks for the heads up about zipper stop. i'll check my local stores again before running there for my next zipper (started ribby #2 today).


8:54 AM

Blogger Tawana said...

I found out that zipperstop was actually here in Ny, because the fact that shipping was so much stopped me from buying my zipper until now. That and the fact that i might not get the correct color.

10:10 AM

Blogger goodkarma said...

I ordered a color card from ZS on Friday because I need separating zippers for Ribby and Mariah, and I figure, I love cardis so there'll probably be more in the future. I hope that I'll find colors that match well and that ordering two zippers will bring the shipping ratio down a bit? I'll keep you all posted.

11:20 PM

Blogger Cathine Bishop said...

Greed runs this company, if you check S&H charges it's 300% of things under 5 bucks and only comes down after 20 or more setup that way by request of Jeff Feibusch. They have'nt been in bussiness as long as stated, I use Stans Zippers & will tell all who ask. YKK will not indorse this company for there products. Buyer beware.

4:53 PM

Blogger danserz said...

I used Zipperstop and had no problems. I think I only paid around two dollars to ship my zipper, which brought the total cost to about $4.50. I went to the local fabric store, first, to see what color YKK zipper I wanted first, so when it came, it was perfect. This company doesn't make much profit selling one zipper at a time. They would do a lot better to stick to only large wholesale orders, so we are very fortunate they will even sell us zippers in single units. I highly recommend them. I had the right zipper, at a very fair price, in a matter of a few days. ~Bonnie

9:21 AM

Anonymous Lou said...

I ordered US$208.50 worth of stuff from Zipper Stop and was charged US$40.00 shipping to Australia, via FEDEX.

Unfortunately Jeff Feibusch dispatched it to an Australian address 1300 miles from where I live.

Does he communicate? NO
Is he going to fix it? NO
... and where does that leave me? well ... $208.50 poorer

1:25 AM


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