Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hello everyone, it took so long to get on this knitalong that I have finished my Ribby and moved on! Oh well... I still wanted to post and show you the construction, because it was very easy to make this sweater all in one piece to the armholes. Why have seams where you don't need them? I knit my Ribby our of Wool of the Andes. The body is pumpkin and the sleeves are chestnut.
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Blogger Scoutj said...


1:07 PM

Blogger Leisel said...

Oh, cool! I love the idea of doing it in one piece and eliminating the seams. If there's anything fiddly about converting it, please share that.

- Leisel

3:43 PM

Blogger danserz said...

Nothing fiddly at all. Just eliminate the two extra stitches added for seams at each side- a total of 4. The ribbing comes out perfectly even then. You can forget about it and just knit until you get to the armhole bind-offs. Then you must remember to bind off *two less* at each underarm, because you never cast those stitches on in the first place. You can convert any flat sweater pattern to circular knitting using this same method.

7:09 PM

Blogger Kim said...

If I make another one I want to make it that way.. It also ensures that they're all the same length! Woo!

..Plus I hate seaming.. and seams.. but I didn't know that till I made my ribby!

11:02 AM

Blogger danserz said...

Heck, yeah. Much easier, and you'll be surprised at how much faster it goes. ~Bonnie

8:28 AM


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