Friday, December 02, 2005

Sweater Rookie

Hi there! Like Melissa, I decided to knit my first sweater and had to jump on the ribby bandwagon. Your posts and pictures are inspiring me - what beautiful sweaters you've made!

I started mine it two nights ago and haven't stopped knitting since (I even took it to work... bad idea!). I've already made the typical making-a-size-too-small mistake. I've seen posts that said ten balls of the Peruvian Highland wool are enough for the 38/39 size. Has anyone found this not to be true? Oh goodness I hope it's enough... I bought the last 6 skeins of the grape heather. *sigh.*

One more question. Just like I always do, I'm thinking one project ahead to my next ribby. Has anyone knitted the front as one piece and shortened the zipper to make it a half-zip pullover? I like that style with a mock turtleneck and am wondering if it's possible. hmmm...

Let's see if I can get one more row in before it's time to leave for work...

~ Jenny


Blogger Melissa said...

yeah! Jenny!
I am not sure about the amount of yarn, being a sweater newby and all, I hope it all works out.
Good luck to you!

12:32 PM


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