Monday, November 29, 2004

Hello Everyone!

My name is Nicole and I've just started the Ribby Cardi. It is really a fast knit so far. I've already finsihed the back and started on the left front tonight. I plan on knitting at least two of the Cardis. I had a little trouble deciding on colors. Originally I was going to do these...

Antique Rose and Raspberry

Dried Herb and Eggplant

But I am now going to knit them in these colors...

Claret y5221722
Claret and Raspberry

Dusky Purple Wisteria
Dusky Purple and Wisteria

Here is a pic of my finished back...

back of Ribby Cardi

edited to add better picture

Let's see a little about me... I live in NW Georgia with my husband of 11 years and my two sons Bradley (4) and Jake (2). My mother taught me how to knit about a year and half ago, but I didn't really start knitting until July of this year. I cross stitched for 16 years, but since I started knitting, I haven't cross stitched except a teeny bit, and then realized why I loved knitting so much! I've finished three sweaters Sally Melville's Raglan, Debbie's Bliss's Lara, and Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Klaralund, along with a bunch of hats and scarves! Well, I think that's enough for now! I look forward to seeing everyone's progress!

Here's a link to my blog Autumn Sway.


Blogger strangelittlemama said...

oooh, your colors are pretty! I'll be so excited to see the finished product. It's taking all my willpower not to cast on. I must. finish. holiday. knitting.
Thanks for posting!

9:21 PM


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