Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Yarn Dreams (aka Decisions, Decisions!)

Hi, all. I had such a hard time deciding on yarn! I dreamed and deliberated and experimented with combos and imagined myself in them some more. That's my usual way. I guess it was an extra big deal to me since it's my first sweater. I really wanted to try superwash, but the price of the Peruvian Highland called my name. Mostly I'm an earth-tone-wearing kind of person, but lots of the browns, grays, and charcoals were gone. So I branched out slightly and went with Arizona Clay (sorry, I haven't figured out how to post pics in this blog yet). I was really drawn to fun, kicky colors, too, though. So I also ordered celery and antique blue (arms)! And peridot and dusky purple (arms)! I'm outta control. Truly OUT OF CONTROL. At least one sweater will be a present. Hope I don't get sick of these!

I introduced myself in a comment downblog, but I'm a new knitter and loving it. I also need to finish holiday gifts first (many!), so I'll start between Christmas and New Year's prolly. It's SO cool to see a back already knitted! Yes, it's very hard not to start now, RIGHT NOW.

I'm so happy this knitalong exists. It's given me the courage to try. Thanks, Carole! And thanks to leading me to elann.com. Great prices I plan to enjoy in a long and glorious knitting future. Going to work on the ribbed, lacy, asymmetrical poncho for my niece-who's-like-a-sister...


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