Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hello from Japan!

It's great to *meet* everyone! I tried to post a comment last night but it was lost in cyber space..so I'm glad other folks started posting regular posts vice comments. I'm really looking forward to this project. I'll be ready to begin right after Christmas, but I admit I'm still finishing up gifts right now!

For the ribbed cardi, I got the heather denim and dusty rose from elann. Denim for the body and dusty rose for the sleeves. It should turn out really nice (I hope!).

A little about me...I'm a single mom of two teenagers, and we've lived in Japan for the past 14 years. We're getting ready to move back to the US in the spring, so that's pretty exciting. I recently picked up knitting again and am totally addicted. I think when I knit before I didn't have enough patience to finish a long project, but now that doesn't phase me. I think a lot of that attititude shift is from doing an ironman distance triathlon a couple of years ago...talk about a long term goal. My perspective on a lot of things changed after that!

Well, I'm just really looking forward to this project and the group we've got going. Thanks Carole, for setting this up!



Blogger Textile Tach said...

Wow an ironman triathalon - I am impressed. I ran the New York Marathon last year but I could not imagine doing an ironman triathalon!!!

4:26 AM

Blogger leahpd said...

Good job on the marathon--then you know what I mean by long training to finish something!! You know, for me, the marathon at the end of the IM felt really good. I just wouldn't let myself think of it as a marathon--it was only a lonnnng run!


12:06 PM


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