Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A new KAL'er

Hi everyone,

I'm Tatjana, soon-to-be 29, from Germany but in transition to the UK - right now, hubby and I are living at my mum's. Oy! We'll leave any time between Jan and March, depending on hubby's work situation.

I ordered yarn for a Ribby Cardi last night (Lana Grossa's Numero Uno, 100% wool, colours are mauve and plum) - I should have it by Monday at the latest, I hope!

Anyone here knitting RC in a larger size? I'll probably knit the largest size and might add a couple of cm/in in length.

I'm looking forward to my very first knitalong :-)


Blogger Leisel said...

I'll have to check the pattern measurements (I haven't gotten it yet, and I really have no clue what my own measurements are), but I'll at least be making one of the 3 larger sizes. And, I'm also pretty sure that I'll be adding length, probably both in the arms and the body, so I bought enough to make the biggest size, just in case. I figure if there's extra, I can come up with something to use it for, and way better to have too much than too little.

5:55 AM

Blogger Tatjana said...

I'll probably make a matching handbag if I have leftovers - which I'm pretty sure I will because I have 4 more skeins than the largest size calls for, and the skeins have a quarter more yardage than the Peruvian Highland Wool.

10:01 AM


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