Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The many uses of a row counting bracelet

So recently I have been making my own knitting accessories and the latest is this row counting bracelet which I have found to be very helpful with knitting the sleeves of my cardi. I use the small beads to mark what row I'm on in the 8 row repeat and then I use the large bead to mark how many increase I have done so far. This really helped me with the sleeves, at least with the counting.

I may have missed a post about this but how is everyone doing the increases? My selvage edge looks really horrible from changing up the pattern every time I do an M1. Should I try using a different increase or just not worry about it?

Edit: I just noticed the post below, that was a LOT of help. Apparantly I'm doing it wrong but I'm only on the 3rd increase so I'm just going to leave it. I don't think it will show and I'm too lazy to start over *smile*


Blogger goodkarma said...

Re: the increases on the sleeves, I'm doing all of mine two stitches in from the edge, so the selvage edge looks pretty much even. You might try that next time.

Cool bracelet! I've seen those in magazines and always wondered how they would work. :)

2:15 PM

Blogger superstahr said...


I have been doing my increases two stitches in from the edge but I think the mistake I was making was that on the next row I would try to make that new stitch fit into the pattern, so if the row ended with 3 purl stitches because I had added a new knit stitch (M1) the row before I would work it into the p2k2 pattern (if that makes any sense). So what I end up with is a twisted looking stitch from the right side of my work because when I added the stitch it may have been knit but then on the next row I would change it to a purl stitch to fit into the pattern.

Ok, so I don't know if that make any sense at all but I can't think of a better way to describe what I did, LOL! I think I have it figured out now, it makes a lot of sense to me with the KKPKK illustration. *smile*

10:10 AM


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