Friday, January 14, 2005

Question about lenghtening sleeves

I'm making good progress on my cardi. I should be done with the knitting by this weekend. Here is my progress on the first sleeve. I was wondering how everyone is making the sleeves longer. Do I just add more rows before the sleeve cap shaping?

I also wanted to thank goodkarma for her suggestions on how to do the side increases on the sleeves. I think this looks a LOT better than my first attempt.


Blogger leahpd said...

I wanted my sleeves longer too, so I did exactly what you are thinking of--worked until the end of the increases, and then just kept knitting until I had reached the max length on the pattern (I think that was 17 or 19 inches? Don't remember...) but it worked out just fine--in fact, I still could have made them a little bit longer.

Good luck!

2:05 PM

Blogger superstahr said...

Thanks! I'm 5'9" and my arms are super long. When I buy sweaters the sleeves are always too short, I figure if I'm making it myself it should at least fit *smile*

3:39 PM

Blogger goodkarma said...

I'm so glad the increases worked for you! I can't really take credit for what everyone else is doing, too, though!! I'm about 3/4 done with sleeve number one and hoping to finish both sleeves this weekend.

9:18 PM


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