Wednesday, February 16, 2005

All for naught...

Well, I got the Oxblood yarn I'd mentioned, and I don't think it's quite what I had in mind (there's more about it on my blog, if you want more detail as to why), but it looks like it doesn't matter, anyways... the Coffee Bean Brown went from 50+ to 0 so fast I missed it. I figured since it was taking so much longer to go down below the 50+ mark, that it wouldn't vanish quite as quickly as the Oxblood, but it went even faster. BUGGARS!

So, it looks like I won't have a second Ribby to do all that soon. Oh, well... it's not like I needed another project on my plate, anyways... I still have a LONG way to go on my first one, and I've got plenty more to keep me busy.

- Leisel


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