Monday, February 21, 2005

At long last

Hi, everyone. I sadly wasn't able to start Ribby at my parents' (my dad's surgery went great, but there was just so much going on), but I did get lots of holiday presents done. I am finally home, with a new puppy and the desire to start Ribby! I thought I was too late, so I'm happy to see that Cheryl is just starting, too. I will have to read all the posts to catch up. Thank you for the wisdom of your experience!

If I do decide to size up, I'll have a problem because I bought 10 skeins and sizing up needs 11. I was going to make my [first] Ribby solid, but I suppose I could change that. I wasn't loving the Arizona Clay Peruvian Highland Wool that much anyway. It is darker than the photo at elann. Do you think Chocolate Mocha sleeves would look good with it? I might actually like it better 2-color anyway since A.C. is awfully rust looking. Does any other color strike you as the perfect match for A.C.?

I do love the other colors I bought. Yes, I insanely got enough for 3 sweaters (solid, 2-color, and a 2-color for my niece). They all seemed just like the elann pic.



Blogger Reb said...

Oops, I meant Mocha Heather. But I think I like Nutmeg Heather better. The Mocha seems grayish while the Nutmeg seems brownish.

3:14 PM

Blogger Leisel said...

I think the Nutmeg Heather would look nice with the Arizona Clay. The only other color that elann currently has that I think would even be an option would be Irish Moss, but I have no idea if YOU would like that color combination.

11:18 PM

Blogger Reb said...

That's funny because I did indeed save the image for Irish Moss (I save the pics and look at them side by side on my desktop). I decided, nah, I'd rather have something more neutral, and while I love green, I got celery/antique blue for my next Ribby.

I just don't know what to do about this. After reading Bonne Marie's Ribby notes, in which she gives sizing scoop, and her sizing article in Knitty, I see that I should have planned on making one size bigger. And here I thought the sweater is supposed to be slightly smaller than your measurement because knitting gives. And I hadn't noticed that the pattern said the sizes are the finished garment measurements, not the person's measurements!

Ugh. So, I can use the Nutmeg Heather, and again since I don't love the color that might be good. But do I want 2 Ribby's that are both 2-color? I'd been hoping for one of each. You know, to be versatile.

And it means I didn't buy enough for the other 2 sweaters! (the 2 colors for me and my niece). And they don't have those colors anymore. Bleh.

Sorry so whiney. I have learned!

4:44 AM


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