Monday, February 21, 2005

An Introduction...

My name is Cheryl and I just began making the cardi last Monday after months of contemplation. So far, some executive decisions I've made after reading all the posts in this knitalong are:
  • make the body 2" longer
  • make the sleeves 2' longer (I had to agonize about doing this)
  • choose to make a plain panel version rather than a ribbed one
I bought 6 balls of Claret and 5 balls of Chocolate Truffle Peruvian Highland Wool. Wouldn't it figure that these were some of the few choices left when I bought my yarn almost two weeks ago from Elann. Had I waited longer (actually, one more day), I notice there are now many, many great colours to choose from.

I'm really wonder whether Claret for the body and Chocolate Truffle for the sleeves will actually look good together. I just started one of the sleeves and the two colours look like night and day, when placed side by side. If anyone has used this combination, please let me know what you think. I'm seriously thinking of ditching the Chocolate Truffle for some other colour that is more complimentary. I'm also open to a trade if anyone is in search of Chocolate Truffle.

Thanks to all the people who have posted their trials and tribulations on this site. It has helped me immensely with my decision making process. I'm learning through the experiences of others. I look forward to reading and making future posts.

Pics of my progress can be found at my blog at


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