Thursday, February 17, 2005

Stick a fork in me, I'm done :D

A little overdue in the posting, I actually had Ribby Seamed up last week, but dragged my feet on installing the zipper.

I finally got the zipper taken care of early on this week, and I'm pleased to say she's done and she fits perfectly :)

Size wise, I made her 1 size bigger than my "measured" bust size to give a little bit of extra ease through the body - and I made adjustments in the length and arms based on what I know of my own personal measurements. I'm not normally a Cardi kinda girl, but I derive such pleasure from wearing this one, especially since it was my first garment :D

Read (and ogle more photos) at my blog.


Blogger strangelittlemama said...

wow, that looks amazing. I really love the purple & black!

2:44 PM

Blogger Roxanne said...

Looks great! Nice to see some more added-in stripes!

2:50 PM

Blogger Beverly Barton said...

Very nice job, love to see the zipper pull too.

4:30 AM

Blogger LeAnne said...

Nice collar, nice striping! You're inspiring me to finish mine...only a few more inches on the last sleeve, one more front and the collar to go.

9:46 AM

Blogger Reb said...

I _ADORE_ the stripes you added. I wanna do taht! I wanna do that!

2:30 PM


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