Thursday, December 23, 2004

Is the neck edge supposed to look like this?

After viewing some finished photos of ribby (great job everyone) I'm wondering if I lost my way somewhere on the right front edge/sleeve edge? Um, doesn't mine look a little short? I followed the instructions but the decreasing on the neck edge and sleeve edge had me a bit confused when I got down to the last few stitches. I think I'll continue with the left front and see how it turns out, and if I have to then frog the right front a few rows and redo the neck.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Looks right to me! I know, I thought it looked weird too, when I finished the first side - but it's meant to have that little skinny bit at the top. If you check out the drawing of the sweater on the last page of the pattern, it may reassure you...

1:07 PM

Blogger marirob said...

I agree with Elizabeth, it looks right to me. I also thought it came out weird when I finished my fronts but it all came out nice in the end. I even accidentally made one end a bit longer (maybe a half an inch?) but it was easy to hide. I got confused with the decreases at the end too! BTW, I love your color!

9:11 PM


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