Sunday, January 16, 2005

Am I crazy?? Or is there an error in the Pattern?

So I've finished the back (photo later under natural light conditions if I can find the time).
Cast on for both front panels...
The question I have is:
1) is it just me or is what is called the Left Front Panel *really* the Right Front Panel, and vice versa?! - I ask this because the 2x2 ribbing is on the wrong side for that panels to be who they say they are in the pattern...if that makes sense
2) Anyone else have issues with w/ R1 of the front panels? I'm knitting the middle size...(40) and it states, cast on 54 stitches, but in R1, following the pattern, there are 58 stitches! No problem, I just deducted 4 stitches off the Purling before the K2P2 Ribbing....but I'd like to know I'm not crazy. :D
3) While I'm asking, just what *are* Front Bands?

Thanks in advance for the help! I appreciate it!


Blogger Leisel said...

I seem to remember thinking the same thing... and I think what I figured out is that I was thinking left and right as you looked at it, and the pattern was talking left and right as you wear it (if that makes any sense).


- Leisel

9:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought so too at first but Leisel's right, if you hold up the left front up to your left you'll see it's correct. The front band is the piece of knitting attached to the right and left front where the zipper will be sewn to.

12:41 PM


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