Monday, January 31, 2005


O.K. Sorry for the primal scream there, but I really needed it. I am struggling with the neck decreases....still. I have frogged five times, and I just can't get it right! I am so frustrated right now, I know I should I walk away from it. But I am so close to finishing this piece, I don't want to stop, lol.

I am making the 40/41. So I make 21 decreases for the sleeve, and then 8 more for the sleeve while I also decrease 7 for the neck. So, do I do the BO for the neck on the WS row immediatlely after I do the 21 DEC on RS? And then do the dec. on both ends of the right side row?

See, what happens is, I get to my last three stitches, and I have only done 5 of the neck decreases. I just don't get where I am missing this. Please someone help me!?


Blogger katiedid said...

you're very very close because what bonne marie said in an email to someone else was that you're supposed to knit the last three stitches together as the last decreases (meaning both armhole and neck). not sure if that helps but here is the link to that clarification:


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