Monday, January 31, 2005

The Purple Ribby that was not meant to be mine!

Originally uploaded by carmelnap.

Hey all,

So I just wanted to give and update. I actually finished the 1st Ribby that I was doing and it turned out nice. All that is left to do is buy a zipper and sew it on. Unfortunately it does not fit me. It is too small, I must have chose the wrong size to make and now it looks like it belongs on a child. But that is okay becausee I started a new ribby. In the picture these are the four colors I have enought to make 2 sweaters. they are, going from left to right: Summer sky, Dark Indigo Heather, Coffee Bean Brown and Ink. I decided to use the brown and ink, with Ink being the body and Brown being the arms. I also made it two sizes bigger, so it should definety fit me now. I am halfway finished the back.

BTW, I just love how this sweater knits up fast. Don't you!:)

Bye for now!


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