Wednesday, January 19, 2005

re-using frogged yarn

I posted the other day about my disastrous ribbing error an dthe fact that I had to rip out nearly two balls' worth of yarn. The yarn doesn't look as nice to me now. Is there anything I can do? If I knit with it, will it be all loose and pill-y?


Blogger Anne said...

There are different levels of effort for reusing yarn. I've just knit from one piece to another, which isn't recommended but came out OK for what I was doing. You can wind the yarn into a circle (not describing it well... like a lariat? or an untwisted hank), steam or dampen it, and hang it with something to weight it down to unkink it. Maggie Righetti recommends a steam bath!

I think frogging and reknitting once should be OK, but if you're frogging more than once the yarn might wear and get thin...

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