Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I Ka-Not Ka-nit for the life of me!

Well, according to Alison, Tuesday is knit-along day, and since I've been feeling like knitting on my Christmas gifts is akin to pulling off my fingernails, I thought I'd take that advice and work on something I've been wanting to, and make some progress on one of my knit-alongs.

So, I picked up the back of Ribby Cardi and started working on it. I'd gotten through almost 2 rows before I noticed a problem...

on the last row that I'd knitted before I had to lay it down before, I'd missed the switch between the 3x1 rib in the middle and the 2x2 rib on the side, and done the wrong stitch. So, I pulled out my needles and ripped it back to the mistake. Picking the stitches back up onto the needles was a bit of a pain, but I did it, and finished up the row, and switched the working needle (I have Denise Interchangeables) up to the size 7...

and I can't remember how far I got, but I noticed one of the x1's didn't look right, and I figured I'd just purled straight across it a couple of rows back. Luckily, this time I remembered you could drop down a single stitch and rework it with a crochet hook. It worked like a charm, and I just kept wishing I had thought of that for the first boo-boo...

So, I finished that row and got another row and a half done before I realized that I had forgotten to change the other needle out from the size 6 to the size 7. (You can imagine me smacking myself in the head here.) Since I didn't want to repeat the ripping out and picking up thing again, I tinked it back that row and a half and switched that second needle up. And then I noticed that a few rows back I split the yarn on one of the stitches.


I'll use the crochet hook trick again, but *sigh* without all this trouble, I could probably have finished up the ribbing band on the back today. SOOOOOOO disheartening.

- Leisel


Blogger Roxanne said...

Hang in there! A flow will develop as you knit more and you get used to the pattern.

9:26 PM

Blogger Leisel said...

It has nothing to do with the pattern (which so far, anyways, is rather easy)... I'm guessing if it was anything else with any sort of patterning to it I would've had problems there, too.

It was just me making stupid mistakes here and there, and the fact that they all seem to be happening at once. Just a bad knitting day, is all.

- Leisel

10:27 PM

Blogger Brenda said...

if it makes you feel any better, i started the ribby over FOUR times - yup, ripping out an entire back and front several times...

10:16 AM

Blogger Reb said...

What is the crochet trick to fix split yarn in a stitch somewhere in the middle? Thanks!

4:15 AM


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