Sunday, January 16, 2005

Finished back...on to the left front!

Well, I've finished my back. Sorry, don't have pics yet...soon!

One thing I've noticed is that while my length is spot on, my width doesn't at all match what the pattern says I should have. It's concerning, since I'm several inches more narrow than I think I should be, and I'm not sure if that will come out in the blocking or not.

Another thing I've been thinking about is making an alteration to the pattern and using buttons instead of a zipper. Anybody thought about that? I was thinking that if the bands were expanded by a row or three, I could work in buttonholes and use some small buttons. I'm not dead set against the zipper, but I prefer buttons...and I'm worried that using snaps will put a lot of stress on the yarn.


Blogger leahpd said...

I was worried about the width too, but a lot comes out in the blocking. Actually, mine is a bit looser than I thought it would be.

With the way the bands go on the front, I think both buttons or snaps would work well. I would use several, so that the spacing is minimal, but I think it could look really cute!

12:18 PM

Blogger Stephanie said...

Even tho I hit stitch gauge, my width did not come out on target (I think because of the ribbing) - I figure block the bejezus out of it when comes time :)

On your buttons: you might want to try snaps instead of actual buttons - Bonnie Marie has a snap tutorial and it includes installing some ribbon to shore up the structure of the knit fabric.

12:24 PM


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