Monday, January 03, 2005

Sleeve question

Hello. I've completed the back of the sweater, and have decided to knit the sleeves for a change of pace. However, I had to frog my first attempt because the increases looked crappy. Are the increase stitches supposed to be knit, or worked in pattern? I don't know how I should incorporate them into the past and future sleeve ribbing.

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Blogger Martha said...

I don't know if this is the "right" way to increase in rib, but this is what looks best to me. It says to M1 after (or before) two stitches, so I make the increased stitches as Knit stitches until I have four in a row, and then I make them as Purl stitches until I have two in between the four Knit stitches. Like most things, this makes more sense in the doing than in the explanation. What you will see is your K2 rib expand (first K3, then K4) and then blossom with the Purls in the middle. It works for me and I think it looks pretty good. Anyone do it differently?

6:01 AM

Blogger kweaver said...

I was wondering about this too. Thanks for the great suggestion martha.

3:37 PM


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