Thursday, December 30, 2004

splitting headache yarn

while waiting impatiently for my elann wool to arrive i stopped in at the store today to pick up some circular needles and my size 7's for the ribby cardi. what i didn't expect to find were two beautiful colors that i would much prefer to do my cardi in. i withheld though and only bought one ball to check it out - good thing i did because i'm not sure i could do the whole thing in this stuff. it's lion brand wool-ease and it is splitting like crazy! is this common with this brand/type? i feel like a terrible knitter but i swear it's the yarn!

i do love the colors though so i'm plodding through and it is getting easier. the colors are on the page linked above: seaspray, which is a little bluer in real life and chocolate which is pretty close to the real color.

anyway, i did get gauge with size eight straight needles and started a "test" left front panel. i even learned how to do the tubular cast-on that was mentioned earlier! who knows, i might just end up with two ribbie cardi's. *grin*

ended up rambling but i really just wanted to know if it's the wool-ease or me. thanks for your help!


Blogger Stephanie said...

I've not had any issues with Wool Ease splitting - but then again, I've recently finished a project with Lion Brand Homespun which I found to be a headache and a half. I'm knitting Knitty's Cozy out of Wool Ease right now and am one skein in - no splitting here!

2:51 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

you know what's funny is that when i switched to the brown color for the sleeves the splitting problem disappeared. i'm guessing maybe there was just a flaw on the seaspray in that dye lot.


3:55 PM


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