Thursday, February 24, 2005

Diana is done!

I have basted the zipper in (which I had to cut short at the top) and I love the way it feels. The yarn was much softer on my arms than I expected. And I think if I made this in a Grey all rib, it could pass for a men's sweater too.


Blogger Roxanne said...

It's gorgeous!! And you named it Diana? That's cute! Can we see a "wearing it" shot too when it's finished?? Love the colour!

10:16 AM

Blogger d-made said...

I am Diana - I guess that sounds confusing when sweater patterns get names.
I plan to pose soon - hopefully this weekend!

10:20 AM

Blogger Roxanne said...

Oh Diana...hee hee!! Ya, my sweaters all seem to have names from the patterns...Nina, Anya, etc. and I thought Diana was a good one too instead of "Ribby Cardi"...LOL

10:23 AM

Blogger strangelittlemama said...

ooooh, cute! Love the colors! I have to get on the ball with this!!

8:08 PM

Blogger Scoutj said...

Beautiful! I love the colors!

6:03 AM

Blogger goodkarma said...

Nice job! You're finished, yahoo! You've inspired me to pick up the pieces (isn't that a funk song?) I blocked three weeks ago and finally put 'em together.

7:47 PM


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