Friday, April 29, 2005

Collar Complete....


Yes I think I've finnally done it... After atleast 3 times of ripping out the entire collar I think I finnally have it the way I want it.. (and if I decide it isn't.. I'll be switching to the mock turtleneck version.)

Picking up the stitches in the right spots was somewhat of a trial for me. I wasn't aware that you had to begin picking them up at the start of the band until I read the responses on the previous post... No big deal though.. I also ended up not knitting the full 5.5 inches... That big of a collar on me looked pretty silly when I tried it on..

Now all I need is a zipper....


Blogger Donna said...

Your cardi looks awesome. I love the color choices! Which yarn did you use?

5:01 AM

Blogger Kim said...

Thanks! I used Rowan's All Seasons Cotton, True blue for the body, and Dusk for the sleeves. : )

8:23 AM

Blogger klh said...

VERY cute, I do prefer the collar over the rolled neck version, which is what I just finished. My zipper came in from zipperstop, but it's the wrong color and too bulky; now I have to reorder......

9:42 AM


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