Monday, April 18, 2005

Rusty Risk?


I've never blocked anything before and from what I've read, the pins rusting can be an issue.. How much of an issue is this? Would pins rust from just misting the fabric? Should I go and buy special pins that claim they won't rust? What about the plastic ones? I'm nearly to the blocking step so I thought I'd ask before it was too late.


Blogger Larissa said...

I block all the time with "vintage" pins (aka old metal junky pins I got for less than a buck), and they are fine. I wash my pieces, roll them in a towel to dry, then use any old pins. Never have I had a rust problem.

However, if you're concerned I'm pretty sure you can get rust-proof pins for crafting, probably at a fabric store. Maybe a seamstress can give more info...?

5:49 PM

Blogger Lisa said...

I bought my pins at the dollar store and some at the craft store labelled - knit pins or something like that.

I've used safty pins when I don't have enough, and they have been fine.

I pin my pieces out on a pink floor insulation board, spray it with water, and when they are dry, I take the pins out.

good luck.

5:17 AM

Blogger LeAnne said...

I use metal "T" pins. They work fine, no rusting issues.

1:26 PM


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