Monday, May 02, 2005

Does This Look Stupid?


Well after being incredibly annoyed that my sleeves were a tiny inch too short.. I decided that before I go taking the entire thing apart and reknitting the sleeves.. I'd try picking up the stitches around the end of the sleeves and adding an inch to them that way.... But the question is.. does this look stupid? Don't be shy either.. I want honest (even tactless) opinions.

Click the pictures if you'd like to see a more close up shot of them..

Here it is on me..

Trying this thing on with just safetypins to close it looks pretty weird... I can't wait till I have my zipper..

This picture was a bit big to post.


Blogger klh said...

Before I can say, I'd have to see it on you. Can you post a picture of you wearing it?

7:46 PM

Blogger Kim said...

There ya go.. : )

9:51 PM

Blogger Leisel said...

I wouldn't be happy with it.

My suggestion would be to do the new cuffs in a different pattern (I would go with seed stitch, because I just like the way it looks)... In trying to do it in the same rib pattern as the rest of the sleeve, the loss of the stitch offsets the pattern, and it's obvious that it was an after thought.

9:59 PM

Blogger Kim said...

Hmm.. yes.. seedstitch would make sense because of the zipper band.. maybe I'll try that..

10:08 PM

Blogger goodkarma said...

But keep in mind that seed stitch isn't stretchy at all like ribbing is. That might be a factor to consider..

10:52 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

i think it looks nice... the off-set stitches just make it look like a cuff to me which is basically what it is.


7:07 AM

Blogger Ashbloem said...

I don't think it looks stupid, as much as I can tell online. It just looks like a cuff to me.

11:13 AM

Blogger Leisel said...

Granted... it's not as stretchy as the ribbing, but that little bit only ever has to fit over your hand, so I don't think it'd be a huge issue.

- Leisel

7:56 PM

Blogger Roxanne said...

I think it looks fact, it looks like you decided to add a cuff. Nice colours too!

5:40 PM

Blogger Janet said...

I really like it, I wish I could knit,people have tried to teach me but it's just impossible.

4:17 PM

Blogger racheletib said...

I think it looks really good. Like everyone else says, it looks like a cuff - like you did it on purpose. Great job! :)

9:05 AM

Blogger Kim said...

Thanks to everyone who has left me opinions : ) (And the compliments were extra nice too)

I'm probably gonna leave it as is.. but I might still try out the seedstitch thing to see if I like it better.. If I don't.. I can always knit it ribbed again.

10:54 AM

Blogger danserz said...

Before I read your captions I thought you had just modified the sweater to include long flared sleeves, which are really fashionable right now.

No, it doesn't look stupid, just flared. I think it looks cute on you.

7:58 AM


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