Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I got my Peruvian Highlands Sierra Aran yarn

when it went on sale yesterday. I got the Mallard for the body and the Jasper for the sleeves. I am still deciding what size to make. I just made Samus in the 43" size and it is a little big. I am thinking the 40/41" size for Ribby. Is the first number unstretched and the second stretched?

Also, I am thinking I will make the all over ribber version with a collar. I don't want a skin tight sweater...will the all over ribbed version be tighter fitting than the flat front version?


Blogger Kim said...

The first number is for the all ribbed version.. the second number is for the flat pannel version.

Good luck with the collar.. mine gave me fits ; )

7:22 AM

Blogger Kim said...

One thing you could do.. if you're worried about it being too tight.. is to do all ribbing on front.. and then on the back you can do the flat pannel.. This is the oposite approach I did for mine.. I wanted the look of the flat pannel.. but I was worried it'd be too loose.. so I ribbed the back.. worked out great!

8:38 AM

Blogger Kim said...

Thanks Kim,
I read more over on the chicknits blog about fit. I measured my self this morning (oh the horrors lol!) and think I have decided on a size. The only thing is...I made a 43" in Samus and think it is too big and am afraid the 42/43" ribby will be equally as big??? I think this one is meant to fit tighter, yes?

9:35 AM

Anonymous Leisel said...

Yes, the ribbing will definitely draw it in, so it's not likely to feel too big... ESPECIALLY if you're doing the all rib version.

10:02 AM

Blogger Kim said...

Now I am even more confused...I saw an all over ribbed cardigan very similar to ribby at WalMart today and tried it on. I liked the fit, even though it was much snugger than samus. I took it to the craft section and asked to borrow a measureing tape and measured it. It was 37" right under the sleeves at the bust. It was made out of a finer material and I seem to remember you need more ease with bulkier yarn. I don't think the 37" in Ribby would fit...not sure what to do now...

12:55 PM


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