Saturday, November 12, 2005


Hi all. This is a silly question as I haven't started mine yet.... I'm already thinking about the zipper :-). Where have people been getting their zippers? I saw has a nice selection but wanted some more options. I really like the zippers that open at both ends. I'd also like to match the lavender I'm using as much as possible. Take care all! Happy Knitting!


Blogger Jenny said...

Sorry, I can't help you much...I got mine from I looked at a few craft stores in the area and couldn't find anything suitable, unless you are looking for white, black, or silver. They had a lot of colors of the zippers that don't open fully, though! I almost bought one of those and could have made a pullover, not a cardi!

12:21 PM

Blogger Kim said...

I got my zipper at Hancock Fabrics.. a place like Joanns should have quite a bit too.. I'd go to any fabric shop.. but I wouldn't hit up walmart or a craft store.. they don't have enough selection.

3:24 PM

Blogger Kim said...

I have been looking for a zipper for Samus and did not find anything at Joann or Michaels. I orderd from Zipperstop and should get it next week. I think Zipperstop will match your yarn to a zipper if you send them a little sample. I just guessed and went with what I hope is a close match :-)

6:26 PM


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