Thursday, November 17, 2005

Me again :-)

I know you guys will get sick of my questions before I even begin. :-) I have decided on the new aran weight from Elann, in the darker color combo in my earlier post. I am trying to figure out how much yarn I need. According to my calculations I need 14.25 balls total...round that up to 15. It says to use 1/3 plus 1 ball for the sleeves. So is that 10 balls for the body and 6 for the sleeve (15/3=5+1) for a total of 16 balls or is it 9 for the body and 6 for the sleeves for a total of 15???

I am hopeless at math :-)


Blogger Kim said...

All math asside.. (yeah I know, way helpful.) go with the 16.. buy more than you think you'll need.. heck.. even buy 17 (one more in the sleeve color) because I ran out of sleeve color.

And with Elann you never know when they'll get more (or if they ever will)

6:35 PM

Anonymous Leisel said...

I would second what kim said... err on the side of more. There's always something you can do with the extra, but if you're short, it could totally mess up your plans.

7:56 AM

Blogger Kim said...

And if you have extra..

What could be cuter than a matching hat.. or maybe a felted bag.. or something fun like that!

8:04 AM


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